There is not much you can do about an undesirable neighborhood if it conceals a hidden gem that you just know you can sell. The buyer has to have an open mind, and should remember to focus on the value of the property before being discouraged by the lack of charm in the neighborhood. In fact, these days, many neighborhoods don’t stay undesirable for long — they tend to improve if the properties are worth pursuing.

Here are a few tips on how to make a great house in a not-so-great nabe marketable:

Appeal to first-time buyers
These are the clients who may be more open to a property in a less desirable neighborhood, as long as it fits their budget. Most first-time buyers understand that their first purchase will be a starter home.

Think in a new direction
There is usually more than one way to travel to a property. Check your GPS and discover routes that may seem more appealing to the potential buyer.

Intensify the curb appeal
Forget about the neighborhood – wow the potential buyer with the property itself, by showing how it stands out among all the others. Make sure the lawn is in good shape, trim trees and bushes, wash the windows and the facade. Make it look warm and inviting from the outside; it will tempt the buyer to at least take a look inside.

Don’t just consider the curb appeal of the property for sale
Offer to mow the neighbor’s lawn, and pick up trash around the neighborhood.

Power up the interior
The buyer will be spending most of their time on the inside of the property, so make sure it looks its most attractive. Do what you need to do to give the impression of lots of space, and use warm colors to make the interior look homey and inviting. If the property is as perfect as can be, many potential buyers may overlook the shortcomings of the neighborhood.

Have an open house
The very sight of other people who also may be interested in the house will increase the interest in the property.

Talk to neighbors
If the neighbors are willing, have your prospects talk to them about the neighborhood, especially about its positive aspects. Also, introducing a human element to the process may increase the likelihood of a sale.

Consider concessions
Despite all of your best efforts, an undesirable neighborhood can often be a deal breaker. Try making them an offer they can’t refuse — perhaps paying a part of the closing costs, or giving credit toward repairs or improvements.

Consider owner-financing
This is a risky business, and could result in trouble if the new owners are not sticking to their end of a deal. It’s an option to weigh after much deliberation.

Consider the time of day to show the house. If the property is near a school, it may be better to show it at a time of day when the kids are not hanging around. Also, the neighborhood may look somewhat better at a certain time of day.

Remember that honesty is the best policy when it comes to selling a home. It’s best to let the buyers know what they may need to know before they even see the house; you’ll be respected — and referred — when you are upfront about the property.

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