There are all types of marketing devices that you may entertain devoting resources to as a real estate agent. Reasonable people can disagree on what gets you the best bang for your buck. One great example of the perennial debate over marketing is the customer calendar, a favorite of real estate agents for decades.

Sending your clients or farm a calendar every year is not a must, but here are a number of reasons to consider doing so.

Saying hello
A calendar is one of many ways to pop in on a client or potential customer to remind them of your existence. Just like a holiday card, a calendar puts your name in their consciousness, making it more likely that you’ll be the one they call when they need a real estate agent or refer to a friend who is looking for one.

Paper calendars are still useful
Although the use of paper calendars is no doubt on the decline as younger people increasingly rely on electronic devices, plenty of people still appreciate having a calendar hanging in the kitchen. So unlike a holiday card, the calendar is something that is actually useful, and that some people might even look forward to receiving. That creates even more goodwill for your brand.

Magnet calendars are useful too
People who are not inclined to hang up a paper calendar might still find a magnet calendar useful. Although our increasingly paperless world has rendered magnets less crucial than in the past, everybody has at least a few things they might need to hang up on the fridge. A magnet calendar from their friendly local real estate agent serves that useful purpose and is also convenient way to keep track of the date.

A customized calendar can send a message
It might cost a little more, but if you send a calendar with customized photos that convey a message, it can go further in regularly reminding the person about you. An obvious idea is to include photos for each month of homes that you have sold. Another  include photos for each month of different landmarks in the community.  

Don’t forget to add a note
Don’t just send the calendar. Try to include a holiday message updating your customers on your life and business. Anything that is linked to the community –– and shows them that you are in touch with the area –– is a plus. Tell them about things that you’ve been enjoying in the area (the new skating rink is great!) with friends and family.

Invite them to call you
Whether to former clients or your farm, make sure to include a call to action in your note. “Pick up the phone and give me a call if you are thinking about buying or selling a home in the area or just want general advice on the housing market!”

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