Customer satisfaction is the foundation of success in real estate. If you’re good at bringing in leads but leave your clients unhappy, you’re going to end up with a bad reputation that makes it very difficult for you to expand.

Rather than getting easy leads through referrals from satisfied customers, you’ll have to continue to spend precious time chasing down hard-to-get online leads and dollars investing in advertising.

So what can you do to make sure that your customers are happy? More importantly, what can you do to know how to make your customers even happier?

Consider a customer survey
Surveys have become a valuable tool for businesses trying to understand how to provide better service to their clients. Many clients are eager to share their thoughts, whether to tell you that everything was great or to offer constructive criticism. In many cases, they will suggest things that would have never occurred to you.

The survey itself improves the experience
If a customer is less-than-thrilled with their experience, offering them a chance to voice their critiques may actually make them feel better about you since you showed an interest in learning about your shortcomings.

Online is the way to go
You can still send them a mail-in survey (including a stamped, self-addressed envelope) to return but these days you’re more likely to get a robust response with an online survey that your customers can complete via email or directly on a survey website.

Tons of cheap options
You could do an informal survey by simply sending your customers an email with a bunch of questions. Or you could pay for a survey provider, such as SurveyMonkey or Key Survey. You provide the questions you want on the survey and they do the rest!

Keep it short and sweet
People are generally receptive to providing feedback but they don’t want to have to go out of their way to do it. Keep the survey short. Ideally they should be able to do it in about two minutes.

Things you should ask about
Did they feel you had the knowledge to help them? Did they feel you provided strong advice? Did they feel that you were accessible enough and responded promptly to calls and emails? Did they feel that you understood their needs and concerns?

And finally…
Ask them if there is anything you could do to provide better service. This is where former customers, including satisfied ones, will often provide a variety of good ideas to make you an even better agent!

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