With so many advertising venues available to today’s real estate agents, it’s hard to decide where to invest your limited marketing dollars. One place that definitely deserves your attention, however, is Facebook. Here are a number of reasons why the world’s largest social network represents such a rich opportunity for you to connect with potential customers and grow your business.

Reach otherwise unreachable customers
You know very well that some types of advertising doesn’t reach certain types of customers. Young people are increasingly tuning out of printed material. That’s not the case with Facebook. With nearly 2 billion users, the network includes virtually every type of person you might sell a home to someday. There is no demographic excluded.

Facebook is where many people live
While there are plenty of people who have resisted social networks or use them in moderation, there are millions upon millions of Americans who spend most of their waking hours browsing through Facebook.  

Target by specific demographic
Even better, Facebook allows you to hone in on certain types of users. You can target by age, gender, location, interests and a variety of other criteria or behaviors.

You can create Custom Audiences
That means you can direct Facebook to target certain individuals. These people might be those you already know or whose names you have from a list of leads. In fact, they might be people you plan to target personally. It is very helpful if a person sees a Facebook ad of your business right after you call them personally!

Lookalike Audiences
The Lookalike Audience is a very sophisticated form of micro targeting. You give Facebook the name of a person –– perhaps a former customer –– and it finds and targets people who are “most similar” to that person based on a number of metrics, including the types of things they talk about online.

This is perhaps the best form of targeting that Facebook performs. Remarketing means that people who have visited your website will be targeted for your ads shortly after their visit. It’s a great way to push a wavering potential client into giving you a call.

Earned marketing on Facebook is not enough
It’s highly unlikely that your “organic” marketing on Facebook will be enough for you to forgo paid advertising. Even if you can convince thousands of people to become fans of your business page on Facebook, less than half a percent of them will see your posts, according to Inc Magazine.

As is the case with a lot of other online tools, such as Google, Facebook shows you the impact of your investment in terms of impressions, clicks and even conversions. This allows you to compare the performance of different ads and figure out what messaging is most effective.

What has been your experience with Facebook ads? Share your advice on how to make the best use of them in the comments section below or give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter!

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