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Real estate is a tough game to jump into. It requires a certain degree of rugged individualism. You have to believe in the strength of your own wits and personality triumphing to win clients and close the deal. If you have the guts to enter the profession then you’re most of the way there.

If you’ve already started cutting deals then you’re already in an elite club. But there’s still a lot more to learn, and a lot of people who can help you learn it. Here are some ideas to guide you as you seek out mentors in the profession.

What type of person are you looking for?
Who is going to be a good mentor to you? Well, who are you willing to listen to? Somebody who is successful but who bores you or annoys you isn’t going to be an effective mentor because you’re going to get frustrated listening to them.

A mentor for a weakness
But as you look toward your future career in real estate you should think about what skills you are looking to strengthen or acquire. In some cases these may be your weakest areas that you are naturally inclined to avoid. You owe it to yourself to make sure you engage with topics that you’re uncomfortable with and to meet people who can help you better understand them.

A mentor for a strength
What led you to become a real estate agent? Most likely you have a particular strength or passion that has led you to pursue this profession. If you meet enough agents, you will most likely run into somebody whose motivations strongly resemble your own. Meeting people who are similar to you, but may have a few extra tricks up their sleeve, can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. You’ll likely make new friends as well!

Speaking of friends…
If you hang around a lot of other real estate agents (if you go to real estate networking events and the like) then you’ll almost definitely meet more senior agents who are interested in talking to people who are entering the profession. Try to find other agents who share your interests or outlook on life –– somebody you’d like to grab a coffee with and talk about stuff unrelated to work.

Don’t just request
Many experienced agents derive great joy from imparting their wisdom on rookie agents. But that doesn’t mean they want to serve as uncompensated real estate professors. You can’t just be a student taking notes and asking for favors. You have to take an interest in them and show that you appreciate the interaction and knowledge you are gaining.

What do you have to offer?
Here’s something to think about: What does this more experienced agent get from you? Ideally they consider your companionship and friendship important. But practical skills that you offer could also make your mentorship more attractive. Many older agents look to younger colleagues to help them understand new technology or new cultural phenomena that are shaping their young clients.

Do you have a mentor? How did you find them and what have they helped you do? Share your stories with us in the comments section or talk to us on Facebook or Twitter!


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