There are many reasons that car maintenance should be a top priority for real estate agents, and the winter weather is definitely an important one.

With the colder temperatures come more risks: stalled cars, accidents on the road, and poorly inflated tires. The best way to prevent any of these incidents from happening is to make sure your car is protected beforehand.

Here are four ways to keep your car winter ready so you can stay safe on the road:

Battery life
The battery is the life force behind your running car and should be monitored and taken care of throughout the winter months. The battery can freeze up and lose strength in colder temperatures. Taking preventative measures can save you and your clients from walking to your next listing appointment as opposed to riding in the warm comfort of your car. Make sure your battery is taken care of in cold weather by driving it, at least for a little bit, every day to keep it warm and running.

Replace windshield wipers
A car part that’s easily forgotten but still very important – the windshield wipers. When you’re driving through snow and slush you want the clearest visibility you can get and worn out wipers aren’t going to cut it. Consider replacing your windshield wipers if you’ve had yours for about two years, and replacing the rubber part of the wiper once a year — or more if you live in an area with intense weather conditions. Another important windshield tip to note: never use hot water to de-ice the windshield! The differing temperatures can cause your windshield to crack and you may end up having to replace it while you’re out getting new wipers.

Tire maintenance
Tire maintenance is a no brainer, and probably the first thing people think about when it comes to car care. The most important thing to keep in mind in cold weather, however, is your car’s tire pressure. According to Pep Boys, your tires lose a pound of air pressure with every 10-degree drop in temperature. Stay vigilant when it comes to checking your pressure daily as the cold weather will cause the tires to lose pressure overnight and leave you waking up to an under-inflated tire – not ideal for a busy real estate agent!

Driving on icy roads
To protect your car, and more importantly yourself and your passengers, you should take extra special care when it comes to driving in icy conditions. No matter how many times you’ve been on the road in snowy or icy weather, your driving skills are not likely to prevent you from sliding around or spinning out of control if you run into black ice. Always be sure you’re driving at a moderate speed, or even below the speed limit, to prevent any accidents and get yourself and your car to your destination safe and sound.  

Did we miss any important tips for protecting your car during the winter? Share with us in a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook.

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