What do you imagine the Internet is going to look like 2 years from now? According to a report from Cisco, the answer is that video will dominate. By 2019, 80% of Internet traffic will be video.

As a real estate agent, video is a trend you don’t want to miss. It’s growing every year and is here to stay. You can take video to the next level by using live video. It helps you stand out from your competition and quickly grow trust with potential clients.  Let’s jump into what makes live video unique.

The Explosion of Live Video
In March of 2015, the perfect storm of apps and mobile video started brewing. At that time, a mobile live video app called Meerkat was released, closely followed by a similar app named Periscope. Seeing the massive potential of live video, Twitter acquired Periscope for $86 million even before it launched. Over the rest of 2015, live video exploded. Then in 2016, Facebook joined the scene with the release of Facebook Live.

Use Live Video As a Competitive Advantage
In real estate, any cutting-edge advantage you have can make a major difference in gaining new clients. When you use video, especially live, it can fast-track your visibility in the community and on the web. Many agents don’t create video content and it can hurt their overall social media strategy since potential clients want to see (and share) videos.

Here are some ways you can use live video:

  • Listing walkthroughs and open houses
  • Create a video describing your buyer requests
  • Visit a local restaurant and share what your favorite meal is
  • Go to a local fair or event and share the experience live
  • Tips for home improvement with a live demo

In all of the above examples, there is opportunity to ask the live audience for input and interaction during the video. However, even if there are not many people tuning in live, the video will stay online after the broadcast and will continue to accumulate views.

Grow Client Relationships Even Before the First Call
What if you could grow trust with potential clients before they even talk to you? Live video does exactly that. People feel like they are connecting with you in real-time and getting to know your personality and passion for real estate. This also helps you become known as a local expert much faster than written or image content.

Get Started with Your First Facebook Live Video
Now that you see the power of live video, you may be wondering, “Where do I start?”. The best social network to start creating live video on is Facebook. With Facebook’s commitment to live video, they are boosting this type of content much higher than pre-recorded video.

To create your first broadcast, simply take the same steps as creating a regular post on your Facebook page or personal profile. You can even broadcast from a Facebook group or event!

Step 1:

On your Facebook page, hit the “Publish” button

Step 2:

Select the “Live Video” icon (it looks like a person’s silhouette with a red signal around it)

Step 3:

Write a video title where it says “Describe your video…”

Step 4:

Click the “Go Live” button

That’s all there is to it! Adding live video into your marketing is an easy way to connect with potential clients and increase your visibility online.

PS: To help plan your first live video topics, download the Live VideoQuickstart Workbook.

About Alessandra Colaci
Alessandra Colaci is a live video and social media strategist, and the founder of Influence Buzz. Influence Buzz works with businesses to help them increase their reach and develop unique content for live video, social media, and online marketing.

Alessandra is recognized as an innovator, thought leader, and national speaker on topics such as mobile, social media, startups, and technology. Past clients include national brands and Fortune 500 companies such as: Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Seventeen Magazine, Sirius XM, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, E! News, and MTV.

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