Your name: Jamie Steyer-Horn, Keller Williams Realty

Real estate market: Montgomery, Alabama

Real estate professional since: 2006

What you love most about being an agent: The new opportunities I receive everyday in facing new challenges and having to overcome new obstacles to help people obtain their dream of owning a home! It is amazing to me that no matter how long I have been in the business or how many transactions I have completed, I come across a new stumbling block that neither myself nor any other agents I talk to have encountered. Real estate is an ever changing business and never stays stagnate; which keeps me on my toes and definitely keeps life interesting.

Any specific challenges and opportunities of your local market? The area of Montgomery I focus on is a small but rapidly growing community called The Town of Pike Road. It has grown from a small farming community of about 300 residents to over 6000 residents in less than 10 years making it the fastest growing community in the state of Alabama. This growth is mainly due to the Town of Pike Road establishing its very own school district with a very unique project based education system. I specialize in new home construction and have helped design and am the onsite agent for The Orchards at Pike Road which is the neighborhood that is attached to the new school! Being a part of such a rapidly growing and innovative community is an opportunity that I love and take pride in. The challenge is definitely trying to keep up with all of the growth!

How have you used commission advances from eCommission in the past? I have used eCommission advances in the past to help pay for some of the start up costs I encountered while opening this new neighborhood. Starting up a new neighborhood has lots of individual agent costs that the developer may not pay for such as some advertising, marketing and signage; and because the neighborhood may not even be under construction yet, money from new homes closings could be months out! eCommission was definitely very instrumental in helping me with the start up costs for this new neighborhood!

Any advice you can share with new agents? Find your passion in real estate whether it be helping first time homebuyers, working new construction like myself, or working short sales or foreclosures, etc. and focus on that! Make yourself a brand in your specialty and you will be more recognized for that specialty than you would ever be trying to do all things and not specialize in any one thing! You know the old saying is true: “Being a Jack of all trades means being a Master of None!”

Is there a business book you would recommend other agents read? The One Thing by Gary Keller. It definitely reiterates the sentiment about finding your passion in real estate and focusing on that! This book and others by Gary Keller are definitely amazing reads that will help expand your business in ways you cannot imagine.

Do you have a motto for your life? Always do the right thing!

What’s your favorite activity in your free time? I love spending time with my 2 sons and husband. We can usually be found somewhere at a ball field watching one of them play any number of different sports!

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