Part of being a successful real estate agent is your ability to manage uncertainty. Sometimes the market’s hot, sometimes it’s cold and sometimes you’re simply down on your luck. One of the top subjects of uncertainty is marketing. Is it working? Could it be working better? If so, how? You can never eliminate uncertainty, but here are a few ways to try to figure out how your marketing strategy is going.

How many referrals a day/week/month are you receiving? Are your referrals coming from a wide array of contacts or a few reliable friends? You might be coasting on a couple very well-connected members of your network, and that might be sufficient for the time being, but for your long-term revenue security, you want to make sure you have as broad a network of potential referrers as possible.

Phone calls
How often is your phone ringing with inquiring clients? Have you noticed a significant bump or decrease in recent weeks or months? Don’t forget to ask every caller how they heard about you or chose to call you. And just as important, document it!  Keeping an excel sheet, for instance, with information on how every customer came to you is a great idea.

Traffic on your site
It’s absolutely essential if you want to be an effective web marketer to keep tabs on your web traffic. If the website or blog platform you’re using doesn’t already give you traffic insights, such as the daily number of clicks and unique visitors, you should look into Google Analytics.

Views of your online ads
How many people are clicking on your web ads? How often are they being viewed? Do you have anything to compare the performance with? If not, then consider engaging in A/B testing. That means coming up with multiple versions of your ads, all of which are slightly different in terms of messaging and imagery. You’ll be surprised how often one ad falls flat while another similar message is a major success.

How many emails or online inquiries are you getting compared to the number of visitors to your site? How about compared to the number of clicks or impressions on your ads? If the ratio has fallen, it’s time to consider coming up with some new messaging or ad placement strategy.

Social media following
Not all real estate agents choose to engage on the same social networking platforms, but ignoring social media is no longer an option for an ambitious agent. How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many people have liked your Facebook page? How many followers do you have on Pinterest? How do you stack up compared to other agents in the area? What are they doing differently than you and does it seem to be paying dividends?

Social media interaction
You might be creating awesome content that people are liking and sharing like crazy, but how often are you getting concrete inquiries for business on social media? While it’s crucial that your social media presence not be solely focused on marketing your business, you also shouldn’t forget to do a few good old fashioned calls to action every once in awhile.

What are your ways of gauging the strength of your marketing efforts? Any tips for readers? Let us know in the comments section below or give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter!

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