How many times have you heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover?’ We can pretend we don’t, but it’s almost impossible not to have a first impression of someone based on their appearance, clothes and car.

As a real estate agent it is important to focus on your outward appearance because you want your client to have the best impression of you from the get-go. Starting with what you drive up in. . .  

Cars speak volumes about the person in the driver’s seat. Think about it. Have you ever seen someone in a beat-up, hippie van and thought that they must be a buttoned-down business person? Probably not. That’s why it’s especially important to know what your car says about you as a real estate agent. When you drive up to meet your client, what are they thinking about you?

If you are driving an SUV. . .

giphy (10)

Families will love you! Typically, people who drive SUVs are used to hauling around kids, sports equipment and pets. People will automatically assume you are a mom, dad or grandparent. This can be helpful if you are trying to sell to families because they will feel you are in tune with their needs. Driving an SUV means you probably know the struggles of having kids: squabbles over sharing bathrooms, running between soccer practice and dance class, and car trips to the beach or family reunions.

If you are driving an environmentally friendly car. . .

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Clearly you care about the planet and you’re willing to sacrifice appearance to save it. Unless of course you are driving a Tesla, in which case you just stepped up your game! Going economy, hybrid or electric means you appeal to the client who cares about our carbon footprint on the planet and may already be using solar panels and energy efficient appliances. Card-carrying environmentalists will love you if you roll up in a Prius. Conserving fuel and closing deals like a pro!

If you drive a convertible. . .

giphy (12)

Hello go-getter!  When you drive up in a convertible you make a strong impression. Think fun, bold and fearless. Going convertible says you’re not afraid to look different from the pack and go for the tough sale. You will naturally appeal to those with strong, outgoing personalities. Risk takers unite!

If you drive up in luxury. . .  

giphy (11)

You are the Pope of first impressions. Clearly you have done well enough in real estate to be able to afford this car, whether it’s a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW M5 or pimped out Cadillac Escalade. Your car basically screams at your clients that you are driven and successful. And of course, you will appeal to clients shopping in the luxury market. Be wary, though, as some clients might see you as being a bit flashy and impractical. Based on your client’s perception, you might need to throw in a few comments that show that you are still down to earth and not shy about getting the job done.

What do you think your car says about you? Share your thoughts below or on Twitter or Facebook!


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