Email marketing has certainly been overshadowed in recent years as social media has grown. But make no mistake, it’s still an important part of the sales process. In fact, it can be a major advantage for those who do it right.

But as is the case with social media marketing, it’s not worth bothering with email marketing if you’re not going to do it right. The response rate to email sales pitches is tiny even if you do it well. Although, it will almost certainly be non-existent if you do it wrong.

Here are the key rules to follow as you compose your next killer sales email:

It’s all about the subject line
When you’re writing emails to friends or colleagues, you might not think the subject line matters very much. But that could not be farther from the truth. The title of the email is absolutely the most important part. Without a good title nobody will even bother opening the email –– it will go straight to the trash, unopened.

The subject doesn’t have to be clever
The best subject might be the simplest one. And it doesn’t have to be particularly creative. Something short and sweet, that piques the reader’s interest, such as: “Looking for help finding a house in Atlanta?”

Personalize whenever possible
Whether or not the emails are automated, make sure to put the lead’s first name in the opening. The more informal, the more credible. “Hi Jack,” sounds better than “Dear Sir,” which will immediately set off spam alarms.

The first sentence
The first sentence is what the lead will see before they even open the email. It will determine whether they open it or trash it. Make sure that first sentence conveys what you’re offering. “I see that you’re thinking about a new home and I’d like to help.”

Keep it short
No reason to linger after the first sentence. Perhaps one short sentence introducing yourself –– “I’ve been a real estate agent in the Tampa area for 15 years and I know the housing market like the back of my hand.” Then you should move on to the call to action.

The Call to Action
Tell them what they can do. Such as, “Write back to me by email or give me a call (insert phone number) so I can get a sense of what you’re looking for and how I can help.”

Avoid spammy words
Certain words are likely to alert spam filters and get your email sent to the junk mail folder. For instance: Free, discount, amazing, fantastic, great offer and other terms associated with used car dealers should generally be avoided. There are also tons of other words that raise spam alarms that you should check out before you send your email.

Friendly sign off
“I look forward to speaking with you. Best, Alice.” Nothing wrong with that. No need to lay on the formalities.

What are your thoughts on sending an effective sales email? Share your insight in the comments section below or contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

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