Real estate is a tough, competitive business and sometimes the only way to capture your feelings is through a meme. We found 10 memes that we hope will make your day. Happiness Key to a new start Returning the call Truths of life Realtor for a day Stressful life FSBO Betrayal The unwilling client Poker face Do you have any favorite real estate memes you want to share? Show us on Facebook or Twitter how you could do better!

So you finally closed that big deal and you are on cloud nine. Not sure what to do next? We already wrote about 10 songs to celebrate success. Who doesn’t love a good song after a successful sale, right? Ah, but you have not really, truly lived unless you have broken into a happy dance after a major sale or winning a great new lead. Even here at eCommission we love to shake and shimmy every time one of our blog posts hits more than 1,000 views. So, without further …

real estate agent: what people think I do

We’ve all heard the perceptions others have of our business and it’s often different from the reality. So much more happens beyond what we see, often including herding cats. Real estate friends – does the above ring true for you? Let us know in the comments!