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It’s no secret every agent experiences cash flow ups and downs while selling real estate. eCommission puts financial control in your hands by giving you immediate access to your pending real estate commissions on your schedule.


  • Who is eCommission?

    eCommission is the # 1 provider of commission advance services to real estate professionals in the United States, having advanced nearly $1 BILLION since 1999. The Management Team of eCommission pioneered the service of advancing real estate commissions. Our single-minded focus has been to develop financial products and services dedicated exclusively to helping real estate professionals better manage their business cash flow.

  • What is a Commission Advance?

    A commission advance is a financial service whereby an agent and broker sell a portion of a pending commission for a fee. In exchange, funds are advanced before closing. It’s not a loan. It’s simply access to an earned commission prior to an estimated settlement date.

  • Why does a commission advance make sense for me?

    From top producers to agents just starting out, cash flow ups and downs are common to almost everyone selling real estate, mostly due to the timing of when sales close. eCommission solves cash flow gaps by giving you access to your real estate commissions on your schedule.

  • What happens if my sale doesn’t close?

    Did you know that 90% of all advances eCommission funds close as scheduled? But in the unlikely event a sale falls through, you can replace it using future earned commissions.

  • How much will my eCommission advance cost?

    The cost depends on the amount requested and the length of time until closing. Using an example as a new customer requesting $3,000 on a sale closing in 40 days, the cost would be $430. Check out our cost estimator or, talk with a customer service rep at 1-877-882-4368 to find out the details specific to your needs.

  • Are eCommission costs tax deductible?

    As the proceeds of your eCommission are used for your real estate business expenses, the cost can be tax deductible. We will even send you a free, personalized account summary at tax time. Always be sure to check with your tax consultant or attorney.

  • What happens if my sale’s closing is delayed?

    Your fee includes a 20 day grace period, meaning you have 20 additional days beyond the estimated closing date to have the advance repaid in case of delays.

  • How much of my commission can I receive from an eCommission advance?

    Up to 100% of your net earned commission is available to a maximum of $15,000 per transaction. Please note that actual advance limits are subject to underwriting requirements.

  • How do I receive my eCommission advance?

    From start to finish, the entire process typically takes one business day. Your money is wired to your bank account.

  • How long does it take to complete the wire funds transfer?

    Once your agreement is signed and your transaction confirmed with the settlement company, funds are wired to you within 1 hour, during normal business days. If funds are being sent to a credit union, transfers can take up to 1 day to complete.

  • What are the Funding Cut-Off Times (Monday to Friday)?

    • 4:00 PM Central Time is the wire cut off for same-day bank transfers
    • 5:00 PM Central time if requesting a check sent by overnight courier

  • Does eCommission review my personal credit history?

    No. eCommission does not run credit checks. We are relying on the strength of your transaction, not your credit history. Our program is faster, easier and much more accessible than traditional bank loans or credit cards.

  • What kind of commissions does eCommission advance?

    We will advance your commissions on virtually any type of sale you have. Pending residential sales, short sales, active listings and commercial resale properties all qualify for our service. Learn more about our services here.

  • When can I apply for a Pending Sale Advance?

    Apply for a pending sale advance once you have an accepted purchase contract and open escrow on a residential property scheduled to close within 120 days.

  • How do I apply for a commission advance?

    Start by setting up your free account. Our on-line process makes it easy. You will need to know the sale details of the property for which you would like to advance the commission, including contact information for the settlement company closing the sale. Once completed, the eCommission agreement is instantly emailed to you and your broker for electronic signatures.

    Once completed, the eCommission agreement is instantly emailed to you. The agreement must be signed by you and your broker. We incorporate the use of DocuSign to make this step quick and easy.

    When the signed documents and supporting sales information are sent back to eCommission, we will review your paperwork and notify you if your advance is approved. If we cannot approve your request or, if there is missing information, a customer service representative will personally contact you.

  • How does eCommission get repaid?

    Repayment of the advance happens automatically when your sale closes. The settlement company receives a commission disbursement authorization signed by your Broker instructing them to send the portion of the commission that has been sold directly to eCommission at close of escrow.

  • Does eCommission distribute or sell my personal information?

    eCommission respects your privacy and, information received by eCommission will not be sold or distributed.

  • Will the buyer and/or seller find out about my advance request?

    No. eCommission never contacts the buyer or seller.

  • Does eCommission advance commissions to broker agents?

    Yes. eCommission will advance to brokers who are also selling agents however, there are a few restrictions on the type and size of advances we can provide.

From seasoned pros to new agents just starting out, eCommission has funded nearly $1 BILLION in commission advances to clients nationwide. View these short videos to learn how eCommission can help you grow your business.

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