The purpose of commission advances is not simply to help you pay your bills while you wait to receive payment. The idea is to keep a steady cash flow so that you can continue to invest in your business and build your career as a real estate agent. Putting your advance to good use can be a critical step to get ahead. Here are a number of ways that a commission advance can help you out:

It can help educate you
If you find yourself with free time this summer, or if business hits a lull, it’s probably a good time to further your real estate education, whether or not you are required to take them by state law. Of course, real estate credentials are only part of your education. You may also be interested in enrolling in other types of classes that can help you become a better-rounded professional by learning technical or business skills.

It can beef up your marketing
If you get an infusion of cash, there’s nothing better to do than to beef up your marketing efforts. Upgrading your website, investing in Facebook ads or sending out another mailer to your farm are all good ways to keep the leads rolling in.

It can save you a crick in the neck
Are you spending all day with your phone in-between your shoulder and your ear? That’s a great way to get a neck injury that will hurt you personally and professionally. Buy a good quality headset so you can type and talk comfortably at the same time.

It can help you charm clients
How cool would it be to be able to offer every potential client who walks into your office a latte? Or a cold kombucha tea? Obviously customers shouldn’t be choosing real estate agents based on the beverages they offer, but whether they admit it or not, they’re more inclined to go with the one who makes their visit as comfortable as possible. An espresso machine or a mini-fridge can go a long way!

It can redecorate your office
In the same vein as the refreshments, bringing clients into an office that is tastefully decorated and equipped with comfortable seating makes it more likely that they will enjoy their interaction with you. But even more important, perhaps, the look of your office conveys that you have a strong sense of style, something that makes people more likely to trust you to help them find their dream home.

It can boost your computing capabilities
If the computer you’re using now isn’t doing the trick, a commission advance is a great excuse to upgrade. There are also all kinds of software programs aimed at real estate agents, from customer relationship management programs to apps made to show properties. Some are free and some are pricey but potentially worth every penny.

What are some ways that you’ve put a commission advance to good use? Share your experiences in the comments section below. Or give us a holler on Facebook or Twitter!

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