Traffic jam

Applying for a commission advance is simple and quick. Here at eCommission we want to make sure you can apply for and receive your hard-earned advance in under an hour.

While you may not realize it, many things that are part of your routine can actually take longer than getting an eCommission advance. Here are five examples:

Waiting in line at the DMV
It’s everyone’s least favorite activity. Ranks right up there with getting a root canal. Well, okay, it’s not that bad, but pretty close! Come to think of it, while you’re standing in that long, winding line to talk to the friendly DMV staff, you can go to eCommission’s site on your tablet or smartphone and fill in the details of your latest home sale for an advance. You’ll even want to smile for your driver’s license photo when you finally make it to the front of the line!

Sitting in rush hour traffic
Wouldn’t you like to receive money instead of spending it on gas? Avoid the traffic and stay at the office a little later to fill out a commission advance application from eCommission and you’ll fly back home after everybody has cleared out.

Watching a graduation ceremony
It’s graduation season again. Many of you will soon experience the special joy of having to listen to school administrators talk on and on about the future of the Class of 2017 even as the gymnasium begins to heat up and people start to lose consciousness. Don’t let it happen to you! Take this opportunity to sneak in an application for your commission advance from eCommission to guarantee your own future success. You’ll be done before the salutatorian has finished her speech.

Grocery shopping
Finding all those items — was it mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?!? — can take the joy out of anybody’s weekend. But wait, an eCommission advance takes less time than figuring out which dental floss your spouse asked for. And you can use the advance to get your website redesigned or start a summer door hanger ad campaign to drive more leads.

Doing laundry
Ugh, who wants to spend a perfectly good Sunday doing laundry? Know what takes less time and you can do it in between loads of towels and sheets? That’s right, an eCommission advance! Just don’t forget to keep the whites and colors separate as you enter your newest home closing.

Have you applied for a commission advance before? Was it fast and easy? Share your experience with us on Twitter, Facebook or in a comment below.

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